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About Us
Buzz Media was founded on the principles of simplifying the process of influencer marketing. Created by entrepreneurs who share experience in both influencer management and brand creation, Buzz has perfected the process of driving results with easily accessible influencer campaigns.

Take a look at some of our most popular influencers — and schedule a promoted post today.
Our Influencers
Our Process
Select Influencer(s)
Below, you will find the link to each influencer and in that page you will have the option to schedule a promotion with them.
Submit Content & Payment
After choosing your desired package, make sure that you have sent appropriate content and then proceed to the payment.
Our influencer will receive your content and schedule their post accordingly.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can you assure the quality of the influencers?
All of our influencers are vetted and are required meet our special criteria for engagement and other relevant analytics. You can be assured that the pages listed on Buzz are of premium quality and are leaders in the social space.
What is your refund policy?
Our refund policy is as follows:
  • The influencer does not post the ad within 60 minutes of the scheduled time.
  • Any part of the caption or ad copy is altered.
  • The influencer removes the ad from their page before the allotted time period expires. *This is voided if the post is deleted by the social media platform AND the influencer can verify this.
What is NOT covered in our refund policy:
  • Poor engagement or negative response to ad
  • The social media platform removes the ad WITH proper verification provided by the influencer
  • Any technical/non-technical issues affecting any of the brand's platforms within the duration of the ad being up
  • The influencer fails to meet the 20 minute NIF ("Nothing in Front") guarantee. This means that no posts shall be made twenty minutes prior to the ad going up. Should the influencer violate this guarantee, the post will be rescheduled to a different time but will not qualify for a refund.
I'm an influencer — where can I apply for your platform?
We appreciate your interest! Unfortunately, we are currently working on an invite-only basis. If you would like to apply for future consideration, email with information about your page and insights and we'll get back to you.
    Do you offer ad-copy design?
    We have an in-house creative team that focuses on social media content and ad copies, but they are available only for large scale campaigns involving multiple influencers.
    How would I schedule a large scale activation with multiple influencers?
    Email us at and we'd be happy to work something out.
    I would like to buy more than one post for a single influencer. Can we do this?
    Yes! Contact us at and we can set up a special pricing plan and page for your needs.